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Transform Your Shopify Store with Stockninja

Welcome to Stockninja! Display real-time stock levels, add sale countdown timers, and auto-hide out-of-stock products. Customize widgets to match your brand. Elevate your store and boost sales effortlessly.

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Real-Time Stock Display icon
Real-Time Stock Display

Show accurate stock levels on product pages to enhance transparency and customer trust.

Sale Countdown Timers icon
Sale Countdown Timers

Boost sales by adding dynamic countdown timers, encouraging quick purchases through FOMO.

Auto Hide Out-of-Stock Products icon
Auto Hide Out-of-Stock Products

Automatically hide unavailable items, ensuring a seamless and frustration-free shopping journey.

Custom Widget Creator icon
Custom Widget Creator

Easily create and customize widgets to perfectly match your store's unique needs and branding.

Custom Positioning icon
Custom Positioning

Place your widgets anywhere on product pages to maximize visibility and improve user experience.

All Products Availability icon
All Products Availability

Show real-time availability for all products, ensuring customers always have the latest stock information.

Mobile Responsive icon
Mobile Responsive

Guarantee your store looks stunning and functions flawlessly on all mobile devices.

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Enhance Your Shopify Store with Stockninja

Powerful features to optimize your store’s performance and customer experience. Increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline inventory management effortlessly.