Simplify Vendor Details Management

Elevate Your Shopify Store With Vendor Info by Metaobjects

Effortlessly manage vendors, seamlessly integrate with Metaobject, link vendors to products/pages/collections easily, display with one click on website, save time with automation.




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custom edit tools

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easy customization

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built in safety chat

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Effortless Vendor Management

Easily import and manage vendor records.

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Seamless Metaobject Integration

Integrate vendor data seamlessly into your Shopify environment.

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Customizable & Instant Website Display

Showcase vendor information on your website instantly.

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Theme Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with all Shopify themes, ensuring compatibility.

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Responsive Support

Receive timely assistance and guidance from our dedicated support.

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clean design

Navigate effortlessly through our user-friendly interface.

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smart coding

Intuitive app experience with our meticulously crafted codebase.

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